#Garage motor BMW M2: are We facing the M preferred?

There are sports, and sports, and with that reflection, because you can get an idea of what the BMW M2. In BMW Motorsport imagined a worthy successor to the BMW 1-Series M coupe, and the result has been the BMW M2, which we keep in the Garage motor and, to a certain extent, is even able to rival the BMW M3 and BMW M4 if you’re looking for a sports beyond the numbers, a car of those that forces the driver to be involved in every subway route and that without a doubt reminiscent of models that are as iconic as the BMW M3 E46.


The BMW M2 is one of the sport’s most fun moment, especially when you switch off all the aids

The BMW M2 has been created on the basis of many of the elements that make it so interesting to the BMW M3 and M4 current. Broadly, we find a variant of the in line 6 Twin-Power Turbo that develops 370 HP and up to 500 Nm, train front and rear brakes derived from the M3 and M4 with slight modifications, manual gearbox, rear differential electronically controlled, high-performance brake already seen in the M3 and M4, and a tune-up, more focused on the sensations and not so much the perfection in the execution. Summing up all, the BMW M2 is a car that by philosophy causes you to enjoy more of the driving, you imply more, and in addition get without being so good at figures as are the M3 and M4.

The BMW M2, we’re testing this week is that it is the version with manual change of 6 relations from 62.900 €, an option that BMW is still offering for those who prefer driving more old school. In the face of change DKG 7-relationships – almost 5000 € more, the manual change is slow (0.2 s more in the 0-100 Km/h) and consumes more (0.6 l/100 km), yet their developments and their selector make it very attractive to enjoy the 6-cylinder at will. In addition, this selector adds the function “tip-heel,” simulated, which causes the propellant to provide the reductions with the blow of a gas auto.


The jump from M2 to M4 are 30,000 €, and yes there are better figures, but not more fun

behind the wheel, the BMW M2 is not hiding his character, counting with 3 driving modes – what more sports – and being able to circulate with all the electronic aids turned off. Without going into an in depth analysis that you already do in the full test, it is fair in its operation more sporty where the BMW M2 more and better shows its approach, differing markedly from the BMW M3 and M4, and demanding the driver some driving skills to keep under control the loss of traction and oversteer. Circular in Sport mode+ or without the aid it is highly recommended to take the fifth essence of the M2, but since then there are modes which are suitable for all audiences

Without a doubt, the BMW M2 offers a high degree of fun that I will keep transmitting after confront a hundred other curves.