#GarajeDiariomotor: so the sound of the V8 to 605 horsepower of the Audi S8 Plus

As we told you weeks ago, in the article “#GarajeDiariomotor This week we have a vehicle of 2 tons capable of doing the 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds”, we were at the end of July the Audi A8 more sports in our garage, a Audi S8 Plus in charge of proposing a luxury saloon, of large size, and, above all, of 605 horses, with all-wheel drive, shift Tiptronic… of course, having a “lord” V8 under the hood, there was no choice but to prepare a video sound.

If you buy an Audi S8 Plus mate, as our unit, not sure it takes you to ask for a price on any brand of exhaust:

V8, biturbo, with 4 litres of cubicaje and almost the same power of the Audi R8, the Lamborghini Hurricane… but no, don’t expect a sound exaggeration of its propellant, to the contrary. The V8 in the Audi S8 feels dimmed with a logical gurgling that betrays as a saloon bastard but that certainly does not feel in line with that tone mate of your body that seems to request to shouts an escape from a coach external.

in Addition, beyond their sound, we must not lose sight that its four outputs are converted in a key element in the aesthetics of the Audi S8 Plus if we take into account as discreet as it is the rest of the set.

And is that as additional elements, in terms of its aesthetics, we find your tires, with that black grille, with spoiler type lip finish carbon fiber, their rear-view mirrors finished also in the above-mentioned material…

In video, so the sound of the exhaust system of the Audi S8 Plus:

Time to give the play!

o Gas background!!! So roar the 605 horsepower of the Audi S8 Plus. #audi #audiS8 #car #cars #sport #sportscar #supercars

A video posted by Mario Herraiz (@herraizm)