#GarajeDiariomotor The Peugeot 308 GTI is the new tenant of our garage (and he is accompanied by 270 horses)

September has started in motor with a compact sporty, a vitaminado Peugeot 308, Peugeot 308 GTI 2015, willing to take on the sport versions of the SEAT Leon, Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus and company. How will we come to convince the proposal for a Peugeot?

Under a discreet appearance, with a tire bittern and a dual-exit exhaust later as highlights, we find a compact that will rise up to the 270 horses recalling that, in addition, Peugeot offers us a version of 250 horses.

This version, in front of the model 250 horses, and better brakes and with a differential Torsen. Of course the suspension has also been fine-tuned for the occasion.

it is Still early to issue large trials, to delve into their dynamic, but for now, after that outside in which it coyly appreciates that we are looking at a version power, we have been surprised a room with a very good atmosphere, leading to a new level the original concept to hit the specific details, with new seats, a new steering wheel, leather with red stitching…

Soon we will offer more details of this Peugeot 308 GTI, impressions, trivia… while you can follow our day-to-day with him through the social networks on the hashtag #GarajeDiariomotor.

During the next 7 days we are going to accompany this Peugeot 308 GTI 270 horses. The competition, with models from the likes of the SEAT Leon Cupra is not going to make it easy, do we convince the French? (Photo by @herraizm) #peugeot #gti #car #sport #sportscar

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This week I will accompany the 308 more sporty, the GTI of 270 horses. Better brakes, differential, Torsen… And a week ahead to see if it is able to stand up or not at the SEAT León Cupra and company. #Peugeot #308 #GTI #car #cars #sport

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