#GarajeDiariomotor: There is life beyond the changes of double clutch and our MINI JCW has shown us

MINI gives us the opportunity to choose their car more sporty, in the MINI JCW (see all the details of the MINI JCW 2015), including a manual change and a automatic gearbox, a choice that is increasingly less common among the sports models (which tell the Porsche 911 GT3 or the Renault Clio RS), but did you know that this gearbox is not a dual-clutch transmission?

automatic gearbox for the MINI JCW is a transmission Steptronic 6-speed , a change of torque converter.

This gearbox represents a weight additional to the MINI JCW of 15 kg, falling as well in the 1.220 kg, however, this extra weight does not prevent this vitaminado MINI mark, thanks to this gearbox, a consumption means approved of 1 litre less than the manual version, conforming with 5.7 l/100 km compared to 6.7 l/100 km for the manual.

is Worth, its effectiveness at the time of standardization of consumption is demonstrated, but… is it good enough to accompany to a sports model like this?

we will Deepen our impressions at the wheel of the MINI JCW in a roadtrip to Ascari that we have prepared but I can advance that, yes, we are faced with a change really fast and effective. in a driving sport, with transitions, snapshots, and soft, and with the possibility of control from the mild, allowing us to retain and make good cuts.

But… and what in a normal driving in the city?

In this field, the gearbox returns to comply with note, leaving us with a comfortable transit in the us despreocuparemos of the lever of the switch, again with changes between gears really well staggered, with no harshness, without jerk some.

My office for the next 7 days. I love the sport seats in the MINI JCW. Grab well, they are nice, different to the majority of sports seats and are very well finished. #MINI #MINIjcw #details #buckets #jcw #sport #sportscar #car #carsofinstagram #stance #stancenation #interior #design

A photo posted by Mario Herraiz (@herraizm)