Garcia and Soucek are advancing in the night of the 24 Hours of Spa


The Mercedes #90 of Mortara, Meadows and Marciello leads the 24 Hours of Spa when you meet the two-thirds of the race. The GT3 German, of the hand of an inspired Marciello, has given hunt group head during the wee hours of the night and has managed to assault the leadership at the dawn, not without controversy after a touch with the Ferrari #55 that has been left out of the Italian car. The Audi #1 Garcia, Müller and Rast occupies the second position after cleaving through the various difficulties that have been offered the night belgian. The provisional podium closes the Bentley #8 Soulet, April and Soucek.

With 16 hours of racing ahead, the 24 Hours of Spa living the first moments of dynamic real. The pilots could complete stint complete at least a stint complete without any kind of yellow flag, which allowed the Audi #1 of Garcia and Bentley #8 Soucek gain ground. The leadership at this point danced among the Mercedes #90, and the Audi #2, one of the fastest cars in this phase of the race. In fact, the rhythm of Frédéric Vervisch is made to note, being the great architect of place your car in front of the Ferrari 488 GT3 #55, maybe not as fast at night.

all in all, this phase of tranquility was as ephemeral as the traditional fireworks of the 24 Hours of Spa and the Safety Car was soon to take on a leading role, unfortunately for the interests of the spaniards. However, Felix Serralles suffered an accident and it impacted against the barrier with the Mercedes #88 that he shared with Dani Juncadella, thus leaving the spaniard out of the race. The sixth period of Safety car looked matched almost immediately by the seventh section of ‘Full Yellow Course’ the fruit of , the problems of the Mercedes-AMG #15. At this point, Andrea Caldarelli regained the lead for the Lamborghini #63.


With ten cars on the same lap, Soucek, Garcia, and Toril, the race is headed rapidly towards the equator again in a phase in which each brand had at least one car in head, the entire time that the BMW M6 #98 I got to climb position to be the sixth rated. A progression similar to that he signed the Porsche #117, even if Laurens Vanthoor had been involved in the spin of another pilot in dub too risky. Despite this, the manoeuvre was left on anything because shortly after he returned to appear the Safety Car, in this case, for the strong accident of the Mercedes #18.

The period of Safety Car mixed with the first drops of rain, which led to many teams to take advantage of this period of time to change the braking systems. So what did the mechanics of the Nissan #23 of Ordonez or the Audi #1 of Garcia. With the track pretty wet before getting to the ecuador of the race, the errors are happening. The Ferrari #53 ended with serious damage to your behind after a touch, although it was the accident of Sam Tordoff with the McLaren #43 which was causing a new Safety Car with the cross the first 12-hour race.

The Lamborghini #63 he managed to lead the race at 12 hours, adding new us important points. The Mercedes #85, which was then penalized with a Drive Through, it was second, , while the Ferrari #55 and the Mercedes #90 is distributed to the third and fourth position. Vincent Abril put the Bentley #8 in the fifth position and Nico Müller did the same with the Audi #1, thereby dealing with both cars with warranties the straight end of the evening in the Spa. In fact, shortly after Andy Soucek stood at the controls of the Bentley #8 signing a great stint in the rain.


With the first rays of the sun, the race was a great back. The Safety Car came back to dominate the race because of the fog matinal, so typical of the Ardennes. His presence on the track almost lasted half an hour, leaving a race entirely new to your gear. However, shortly after leaving the track, Marco Cioci suffered a hard accident in Eau Rouge with the Ferrari #55. The Italian complained bitterly of the touch that had received seconds before the Mercedes #90 of Marciello, while the action was left without penalty and with another of the cars that wanted the victory out of the race.

The track ended up drying out after the rain at night and the fog, the protagonist of dawn with the Mercedes #85 on the front of the race, a position that did not last too by the sanction which he faced for not complying with the procedure of the pit stop. This left the front of the race the Audi #1, Antonio García to the front of the race, a position that the Spanish rider was held back during his entire stint. Only the alternation of the stops with the Mercedes #90 of AKKA ASP I snatched this position of privilege to the German car when it met the 16 hours of racing.

The Audi #1, Antonio García is the only one to stay in the same lap of the leader, although the various strategies of the race still in the fight to Bentley #8 of Soucek. Behind and in full progression after completing several stint on night of the first level, the BMW M6 #98 has climbed up to fourth position and is right at the back of the Bentley after starting 42nd on the grid. A similar path has followed the Porsche 911 #117 of This, Christensen and Vanthoor, although in this case, after a complicated career. For his part, the Nissan #23 of Ordonez is at the gates of the Top 10.

24 Hours of Spa Blancpain 2017 – (16 hours)

Pos. Pilots Car Time
1 Mortara / Meadows / Marciello Mercedes-AMG GT3 AKKA ASP 16:02:11.187
2nd Garcia / Müller / Rast Audi R8 LMS GT3 Team WRT +9.628
3rd Soulet / April / Soucek Bentley Continental GT3 Bentley M-Sport +1 Lap
4th Blomqvist / Catsburg / Spengler BMW M6 GT3 ROWE Racing +1 Lap
5th Star / Christensen / Vanthoor Porsche 911 GT3 Team75 Bernhard +1 Lap
6th Stolz / Christodoulou / Buurman Mercedes-AMG GT3 Black Falcon +1 Lap
7th Philippi / Harvest / Vervisch Audi R8 LMS GT3 Team WRT +1 Lap
8th Haase / Gounon / Winkelhock Audi R8 LMS GT3 Team Sainteloc +1 Lap
9th Bortolotti / Engelhart / Caldarelli Lamborghini Huracán GT3 GRT Grasser +1 Lap
10th Kaffer / Stippler / Van der Linde Audi R8 LMS GT3 ISR +1 Lap