Gas fund: we tested the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 in Ascari (Video)

it’s Not every day we have the opportunity to test in circuit a sporty , but this time yes we’ve run that sort of the hand of the 6to6 Tour Costa del Sol and the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43. The mountain roads we like, but squeeze the 367 HP of this Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 for 24 laps of the Ascari circuit is a privilege. What do you think of joining us in our test of the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 in Ascari?

Roll it to the limit on Ascari with the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 was the test of fire

Before the play, we want to analyze what the new Mercedes-AMG SLC 43, one of the first AMG that has been manufactured by Mercedes-Benz in this new phase where it seeks to expand the range AMG without necessarily resorting to the manufacture in Affalterbach, or the use of V8 or V12 are the cornerstone of every AMG in these moments. That said, we cannot deny that the question is if indeed the tuning and mechanics of the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 are at the height of what is represented by AMG.

On paper, the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 conquest. A engine 3.0 V6 Twin-Turbo with 367 HP, 520 Nm torque, weight of 1,600 Kg and a 0-100 Km/h of 4.7 seconds. We are then before a sport with all of the law, but that’s moving away then the component radical that offer models such as the Mercedes-AMG GT. But after filming for more than twenty turns without hesitation, the SLC showed its stripes at the Ascari circuit, offering a tune-up, outstanding brakes, suspension, engine and steering, and only lacking a change 9G-Tronic and a few tires Continental Sport Contact 5 more tuned to the use to limit.

Ascari was the ultimate test, and yes, this Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 is a AMG.