Gasly and Kvyat, two candidates for a single seat at Toro Rosso for 2018


The movements of the pilots are a regular, season after season, and the ecuador of the season is usually the point in time at which the rumors about the signings and closures of the contracts jump to the fore.

The team of Faenza is in the eye of the hurricane for several reasons: Carlos Sainz did jump the alarms in the press conference of Austria, assessing its continuity in the Toro Rosso as the last option, while continuing incidents on the track between him and Kvyat have not contributed to an improvement of the situation.

in Addition, Pierre Gasly, the young man who belongs to the program of young pilots of the team of the energy drink, has such seat between eyebrow and eyebrow after enjoying a few test in Hungary next to Red Bull. “The only thing I want is to be in Formula 1, and if things happen like this, it can only be good, because it means that there is a seat at Toro Rosso”, said the French “however, we still don’t know exactly what is going on, we will have more answers in the coming weeks. For the moment, the only thing I can do is press for things to happen”.

Red Bull know that I want to get to Formula 1, the only thing I can do is press for things to happen

“Red Bull know that I want to get to Formula 1, I have been supporting the last four years, but F1 is a world quite complicated”. Gasly won the title in GP2 in 2016, but has spent several years as a reserve driver of the austrians in the ultimate expression of motorsports, so it is aware of the factors that influence the category. “The performance is not everything, the policy and finance can play its role, unfortunately, and you just have to wait for the right time to have your chance. For reasons beyond my control, we were not able to get it to 2017, with luck we can achieve this for 2018”.

The test in Hungary, an extra motivation


Gasly shot last Wednesday as a young pilot of the Red Bull team.

Max Verstappen opened fire Tuesday at the Hungaroring with Red Bull in the test, while Gasly had a full day Wednesday aboard the RB13. The pilot of the Super Formula asserts that “I’ve been with Red Bull a couple of years, and each time I’ve made test with them, everything has gone really well. In the simulator I can compare with Daniel and Max, and when you do test you compare yourself with them.”. Comparisons are odious, or so they say, but in Formula 1, your teammate is your first rival to beat. “you Know what my speed, I know as a pilot, I saw last year in GP2, but any test is a good opportunity to demonstrate what you’re capable of and demonstrate your potential”.

The tests were an opportunity to demonstrate to you that I am fully prepared to give the step

Gasly guarantee that “all that you can do to impresionarles is good”, that considers that “the tests were an opportunity to demonstrate to you that I am fully prepared to take the step”. His step by the Formula And made them think for a change of championship for him, but it ensures that “it was only a race loose to replace Buemi, the goal remains the Formula 1, is the only thing that I want to and my only motivation”. Its earliness makes him see his future differently from the rest, but your goal seems clear, that the “I’ve still got 21 years and the only thing I think about every day in Formula 1. For the moment, I’m still waiting for my chance”.

Kvyat aims to continue at Toro Rosso


, Daniil Kvyat, pilot officer in the updating of the team, is immersed in a arduous relationship with the spaniard with whom he shares team, as there are several occasions where one of them or even both of them have finished out of the game in the race for mishaps between them.

I will wait for the decision of Red Bull

Christian Horner recently declared that she does not see a situation in which Kvyat was not with them in 2018, but his contract is not signed yet, something that is essential and especially in Formula 1. “Up to now, from what I’ve heard, I just wait for the decision of Red Bull”, said the Russian pilot to “I don’t see a reason why I would like to leave Toro Rosso, I still think I want to be a part of this project, and still I trust in the potential of the team”.

The quarry Red Bull has brought great talents to the Formula 1, but you must be prepared to withstand the enormous pressure of the structure, because if you do it right you have their support, but the slightest mistake condemns you. “I Think it will be worth it if things turn out well”, reflected Kvyat. “I am Still very young, I have time, so no sense pushing them. I think I will know soon, to be honest, we’re not so far away from knowing everything about 2018”.