Gasly has lost the race in Austin in vain: the Super Formula has been canceled


Helmut Marko, Honda and Toro Rosso have been exploring different pathways to solve the puzzle that was presented to them in the face to the united States Grand Prix and everything has been in vain.

In the Malaysian Grand Prix, Toro Rosso decided to give it a chance in the Formula 1 Pierre Gasly, who until that moment was competing in the Super Formula in japan. But the last appointment in Suzuka coincided with the united States Grand Prix this weekend and his second position in the championship to the middle point of the leader, caused doubts about what to do with the French.

Honda wanted him in Suzuka to try and win the title in front of the drivers of Toyota, but the departure of Carlos Sainz Renault left Daniil Kvyat as the only option to Austin. Finally, Helmut Marko decided that Pierre Gasly will go to Suzuka, giving him an opportunity to Brendon Hartley, which would serve to evaluate you face-to-2018, because Kvyat has finished in the patience of the austrian.

While Hartley was premiered at the controls of the STR12 in a good first day, Pierre Gasly it had to do with the weather conditions that is not allowed to play more than the Q1 at Suzuka. But the typhoon Lan has been approaching the path japanese, forcing finally to the organization to cancel the test and crown Hiroaki Ishiura as the champion of the edition of 2017, leaving Gasly in second place only half a point.


The typhoon Lan has been forced to cancel the last race in Suzuka

At least this fiasco will serve to Toro Rosso to evaluate Brendon Hartley during a full weekend of Grand Prize, which could open the door to the current champion of Le Mans to become an official driver for Toro Rosso alongside Pierre Gasly in 2018.