Gasly: “I Was in the right place at the wrong time”


The opportunity of Pierre Gasly of racing in Formula 1 you need to wait one more year. As the five champions of GP2 prior to him winning the title he has not won a seat the next season, and all indications are that, like its predecessor, Stoffel Vandoorne, will have to find accommodation in the Super Formula japanese while waiting for the call.

yours, throughout 2016, seemed imminent following the promotion of Max Verstappen to Red Bull and the poor performance of Daniil Kvyat at Toro Rosso, but the Russian was finally confirmed for the season 2017, and the own Gasly complained that Red Bull had not explained its decision.

Now, a little less than a month after having finished the season, Gasly has admitted, in an interview at the French canal RMC, the decision taken by Red Bull, it affected, having concentrated all their efforts during the year to convince them: When you put a lot of energy, time and work, it is disappointing to lose the opportunity of. They have seen that I have given the best of myself to achieve it, is what they like”.

The announcement came shortly before that Gasly is playing the title in GP2 against Antonio Giovinazzi, starting slightly behind the general, but did not prevent the young frenchman was done with the show on the Italian, another promise with Formula 1 on the horizon. According to Gasly, Red Bull has transmitted that have not been promoted should be a matter of timing, and he has urged not to lower the guard of face-to-2018.

“When they took the decision, I was in a good position to get the title, so I was very disappointed and sad. It is hard to take a news story as well, but it is part of the game. told Me I was in the right place at the wrong time, that they had to keep Kvyat another year, I was very young, and they were happy with my work, which things should change in a year and I should continue giving it her all”.

there is No doubt that Helmut Marko and is the hand that rocks the cradle in everything associated with the Red Bull Junior Team, with an influence that reaches even to the main team to a certain extent. Remembered is the misunderstanding that arose from a statement of Gasly to Movistar F1, in which it is alleged that he had recognized that it would replace Kvyat in Singapore, and you not liked anything the leader austrian.

Gasly has counted that his relationship with Marko “has been better the last two or three months, even though the decision did not fall from my hand”. “Helmut liked the way I reacted. supports Me, pushes me and motivates me to continue giving it all, knowing that things can change very quickly in Formula 1″, said the French.