Gear.Club: the new video game cars of Eden Games for mobile platforms


Gear.Club is now available for iOS devices. And it is free.

Three years it has taken the French study , Eden Games in the end your new video game of cars. Under the name of Gear.Club, we find a new title focused on mobile devices. Both smartphones as tablets. This new game comes with the challenging goal of becoming the best driving simulator on mobile devices. A market where the competition is fierce due to the large offer available.

however, and lack of being able to test the game, I think Gear.Club has enough in its favor to become one of the most popular titles of its genre on mobile platforms due to the different functions and features that combines. And is that as well we will see, Gear.Club account with features and gameplay that will catch the attention of the lovers of the Tuning as the car collectors as well as lovers of speed and adrenaline.

it is Not surprising that this title has features and possibilities so disparate, that the Eden Games is behind the franchise V-Rally and games like Need For Speed: Porsche and Test Drive Unlimited. It is as if they have taken the best of each one of the games that have been created to date and it had been mixed to create a cocktail with the name of Gear.Club.


later, Gear.Club will come to Android devices.

¿What we can do in Gear.Club? Some of the possibilities offered by this new car game for mobile devices are the following:

  • Designs realistic and in 3D. We can enjoy the beauty of the supercars and more exclusive models of the automotive world and add them to our particular collection. The interiors have been modelled in 3D and include details such as the engines and other components in Full HD.
  • Collect and customize. The new game from Eden Games allows us to collect all the vehicles that are available in the title and customize to our liking with all sorts of details, both exterior and interior. There is a wide range of options.
  • Manage your own workshop Tuning. We will in the skin of the owner of a shop dedicated to the modification and preparation of cars. We may modify, adjust, update, and customize the vehicles of our customers.

is Already is available for download in the Apple App Store. And best of all is that is free. And what about users with Android devices? don’t worry, Eden Games is working on porting Gear Club to that platform and already allows players to pre-register and get exclusive content at the time of the release of the game. We assume that the study will provide a car, or dedicated circuit. A server will have to wait for the Android version to be able to try it out. If you’re in the same situation, you can take a look at the following trailer.

official Trailer launch of Gear.Club.