Geely acquired Terrafugia: flying cars, now will be chinese

The brand of chinese origin, the owner of Volvo Cars has been made with Terrafugia, one of the leading firms in the field of flying cars. It is also the current owner of Proton and Lotus.

Lchina Zhejiang Geely Holding Group continues to expand, and adding brands to its portfolio. After to acquire Volvo Cars, Proton , Lotus and present it to her brand new Lynk&Co, now have acquired Terrafugia, a u.s. company specializing in flying cars.

The u.s. firm has a prototype, very advanced flying car, although it is a product that is not yet ready to reach the market. The car/airplane Terrafugia has already been conducting flight tests and was able to reach 180 km/h while driving on the road, or take off like a plane and fly to a maximum altitude superior to 400 meters.

in Addition, a second prototype was proposed an autonomous car flying able to take off and land vertically like a helicopter, who had a motorization and electric four-seater.

By the time Geely has not revealed what are your plans regarding this new acquisition, though the capital injection from the chinese company could be enough to to achieve the promise of bringing to market the first flying car, after six years of postponements. With this acquisition, Geely will be able to compete with the taxi volador Lilium, the Vahana of Airbus or the CityHawk flying powered by a hydrogen engine.

Worth remembering that Geely was the company that managed to put back to Volvo again between the reference marks focused on the luxury, then, that the Swedish firm would suffer a financial debacle.