Geely is done with Terrafugia: the flying cars will come from China

Geely adquiere Terrafugia

Geely acquired the company of flying cars Terrafugia.

it Seems that after autonomous cars, the cars flying are the next step that will give the automotive industry. A vision of the future that we still have a so far (despite the fact that there has already been some interesting proposals). Numerous companies of the likes of Airbus or Uber have already announced their intentions to bring to fruition very ambitious project to put in the merado a flying car affordable and that provides a good experience of use.

Geely does not want to fall behind in this field that offers great possibilities of growth, and has therefore made a strategic move. Geely has purchased Terrafugia, one of the companies most cutting-edge in relation to the design and development of flying cars. Still lack a public announcement by both parties, but the purchase agreement is already signed.

Founded by a group of graduates from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the startup Terrafugia, whose headquarters are located in Woburn, Massachusetts (USA), has recently received certification from the Federal Aviation Administration of the united States for his model named Transition, his first flying car. During his debut in the year 2012, Carl Dietrich, CEO Of Terrafugia, said that “we must not think of the Transition as a car that flies, but in a plane that can be driven”.

Geely adquiere Terrafugia

Terrarifua TF-X, a flying car capable of reaching 322 km/h when located at a certain altitude.

Is powered by two piston engines Rotax and can reach a cruising speed of 160 km/h. The Terrafugia Transition can rise up to 3,048 meters tall and has a range of 640 kilometres. Recently a senior official of the company said that they are considering submitting a new version of this model with a (mechanical renovated.

More recently, Terrafugia unveiled its new project, the TF-X, a new model of car flying that is able to land and take off vertically. Its design is more akin to what we might define as a “conventional car”. It makes use of a hybrid system composed by two electric motors that shed a thrust force of approximately 1.360 HP (1.341 hp) and a gasoline engine of 304 HP (300 hp). Once you are at an altitude concrete, you can achieve a cruising speed of 322 km/h.

there Are many projects related with the concept of the flying car that there is in place, though I very much fear that such a vision of cities in which the sky is overcrowded, traffic is still relegated to science fiction movies.

Advance of the Terrafugia TF-X, a flying car.