Geely shows the first images of its new SUV


Peter Horbury is a former designer of Volvo, Geely sedan GC9 responsible, which is the best seller in China in its segment. Now I design an SUV which met the first advances.


Geely SUV (Teaser) G Geely is preparing to launch a new SUV in the Chinese market and in anticipation, disseminated three official images you can not see much, but used to know silhouette acquire this model when it reaches the market.

This SUV still has no name, but is the work of a design team led by the British Peter Horbury , who previously had worked in the design department of Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin.

Born under the supervision of former Volvo Peter Horbury.

From the brand ensure that while supervision was Horbury, the work was carried out in studies that Geely has worldwide, including the cities of California, Barcelona and Shanghai , resulting in a look that manages to combine in a single package Eastern and Western traits.

Geely aims to build on the success of sedan GC9 has also been designed by Horbury, to promote this new product. The GC9 was put on sale in China last year and quickly became a sales success, to the point that last month, managed to position itself as the best seller in its segment , a great feat considering the magnitude of the Chinese market.

The new SUV thus become the second model of the brand DNA carrying the Volvo. It will hit the Chinese market later this year.



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