Gemballa Avalanche: a mythical name for a 911 Turbo 820 HP


The massive rear wing is unique.

The preparer German Gemballa will be presenting a Porsche 911 highly modified at the Geneva motor show. This echoes the classical appellation Avalanche, which was born originally in 1985 and has been employed on several occasions by the firm founded by Uwe Gemballa to baptize various transformations on the 911.

In this case, we will find a 911 Turbo S 2017 tremendously overbuilt, according to the sketches submitted by the preparer, where we can clearly see the brutal body kit that has been applied to the model of Stuttgart.

The mechanics with which the model goes out of their factory is already quite spectacular, a six-cylinder boxer 3.8-liter version Turbo S develops 580 HP. According to the announcement of the Gemballa, the flat-six twin-turbo Avalanche 2017 will have 820 HP (809 hp) and more than 948 Nm of torque.


The body kit is brutal.

Visually, the new Gemballa Avalanche radicalizing dramatically the image of the 911 Turbo. Both from the front as from the rear, the new pieces of bodywork show a design very radical, which is accentuated especially at the height of the rear spoiler.

The big rear wing has several planes and even a aletín central portrait with a light colro red that we think must be the third brake light. Under this we found four huge exhaust outlets.

Interestingly, the steps of the wheels don’t look too much bigger though
the model looks more gross and nor do we find new air intakes
to feed the flat-six supercharged
. This will be the star of the
stand of the trainer in Palexpo, which opens its doors to visitors
the next 9 march.