Gene Haas: “A woman in Formula 1 would be great for business”


The arrival of Gene Haas in Formula 1 above all, it is an interesting experiment of how the mentality of motor sport in america, is more focused on the show that the technology is adapted to the european methods. The owner and founder of team Stewart-Haas and Haas F1 has already made it clear that their long history and experience in NASCAR it serves little purpose for your adventure in the Great Circus, but its presence has sparked a renewed interest in mixing both worlds, as opposite as attractants in different sides of the pond.

In the last few weeks, it has been considered the possibility of that Romain Grosjean to be able to participate in any of the 2 tests that the NASCAR dispute in circuit, and which coincides with the summer break of the Formula 1. Now, the intention of Haas is to try the opposite approach: show your american riders, the Formula 1.

The many limitations to compete in the Formula 1 World championship would see here with a driver like Kevin Harvick nothing similar to what Grosjean intends to do, but Haas is willing to promote the interaction between the two worlds, speaking of the possibility that Kurt Busch (champion of the NASCAR in 2004) to attend the Grand Prix of Europe in Azerbaijan, and, even, to give a test to the female rider most famous on the planet, Danica Patrick.

“we are Going to try to have a little internal communication between the team of NASCAR and the Formula 1 in terms of pilots. we look forward to bringing Kurt Busch’s career Azerbaijan, want to come and see how it is. I think that is a home run for media attention. The other option would be to bring Danica Patrick and put it into a Formula 1. That would bring a lot to both sports, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it”.

Haas delved more into the topic women and Formula 1. When asked if she would give him a chance to compete for a woman, ruled out Danica (former pilot of IndyCar between 2005 and 2011, 5th in 2009 and winner of a race on the oval of Motegi in 2008) to compete in the World, but if you believe it’s possible for a woman driver to compete at the highest level.

“it would Probably be Danica Patrick. Is involved in NASCAR and has a commitment for three years, so it’s probably that window is not available. Put a woman behind the wheel of an F1 car would require a lot of logistics, but if there is a sponsorship that supports something like that, it would be very feasible. it would Open up a whole new market for the other half of the genre that perhaps is not as involved in racing as it should”.

“The cars are very hard to pilot, but there are some female athletes that could do it easily. I’m not sure why we don’t have more, it would be great for the sport to bring some women and compete with men. I don’t see any reason why you can’t do it”.