Gene Haas: “Our goal is to add some point”


Haas F1 live weeks vital. After the presentation of Esteban Gutierrez as the second pilot, the training must take the last steps before its expected debut in the pre-season 2016. The Leader of the Team, Gene Haas, is aware of the pressure that feels the squad in this final stretch. About 15 weeks away from having their cars on the track and Haas sets his own goals humble for his first season in the F1 World. The pattern of the square american is content with having a competitive car and add at least a point in their first year in the category.

first Thing is to build a solid base according to Gene Haas: we will Follow the same model used in NASCAR. There you have to compete no matter what and I think it took us about seven or eight years to win a race. We then began to accumulate victories”. In line with this, Haas explains: Our main goal is to be prepared on each output, have a competitive car and finish the races. From there, our goal is to add some point and I think that will be possible, although this depends in part on our rivals. Yes we got a point, I will be happy“.

To meet these objectives, Haas understands that it has everything you need: “In a category, there are windows that open and close. I Think that we made the right decision. For 2016 we have received the help of the technical department of Ferrari, and we have made many tests of the aerodynamic in the car”. The american employer also added: we Enter 2016 better prepared than if we had come out in 2015. Of wait one more year, the doors were closed. The cars are going to change almost completely for 2017, so that all the world will be in the same situation”.