Gene Haas: “This is a bit overwhelming”


Gene Haas, a man
with extraordinary experience in motorsport, american,
recognizes that the Formula 1 has been impacted and that he had not expected that the technical challenge that implies to reach such heights.

For him and for the team
the last two days have been very different to the test of the week
last, so that the euphoria of what has been achieved has been diluted
quickly. “The last two days have been frustrating. The
weather is perfect, the track is good and we want to
go out on the track. last week was particularly good, but this is
more like what should be a normal week
. Not really
I have an explanation about why we are having these
problems now”
, admitted to the owner of the computer. Apparently,
the problems are related to an abnormality in the turbo
propellant Ferrari.

In statements to
Autosport, Haas reflects on what is living in this
last month and how it is discovering the reality of a discipline
so extreme. “The complexity of the cars and engines and
that we are doing with them is going beyond what I never imagined
The technical aspect of the cars is fascinating. I think that for
the engineers especially, that design and work in them,
it is a challenge to bring the cars to do what they do. It is a
complex process, it is a single complex and also is a mode
complex compete”
said Haas, who ended up admitting that what
that is living “it’s a bit overwhelming, to be honest”.