Gene Haas: “we will continue to Keep Grosjean and Magnussen in 2018”


the leader of The team Haas has passed through the microphones of the official website of the Formula 1, and has discussed several aspects of the team that have evolved alongside them, this year, after a debut in the maximum category of motorsport in which they finished in eighth position in the constructors.

In the first place, Gene Haas joked with his current situation on the grill, ensuring that “honeymoon is over”, and that “now comes the tricky part: to live together”. The simile that uses the representative from the NASCAR serves to point out that you already know first-hand how things work in the paddock, and it is now up to them to strive for better. “Racing in Formula 1 is not easy, your opponents are always as good as you or even better. You have to see what you’re capable of and what they are capable of, and try to find the differences that give you advantage”.

Running in Formula 1 is not easy, you have to see what you’re capable of

The u.s. contends that likes to go to the races, but that is still considered “a learner in Formula 1”. His experience in the commercial sector led him to the world of single-seaters, in which he sought to expand his business, but finally not considered “a mere builder”, but that Haas Automation is something more, a part of the F1.

Their fellow citizens of Liberty Media are changing the category step-by-step, towards an experience in which the fan is one of the fundamental pillars. The incorporation of social networks to a sport that had been unused virtually has led the followers to support their decisions, of which, Haas points to the ‘F1 Live London’, catalogándolo “simply fantastic”.


Grosjean has been with the brakes during a large part of the season.

“I Think our budget is the lowest of all the teams, and if it is not, we are not very far away”. The american team came in with a tight budget, although with the help of Ferrari. Develop a car by themselves would be the amount of money you invest right now in F1, something that, for the moment, not looking at you. The location of their different offices may be a nuisance at the time of assembling the parts of the VF-17, but Haas is very clear: “Box is the magic word”. “we are No different in that sense from the other computers, everything comes in boxes and is mounted on the track”.

I Think our budget is the lowest of all teams

the middle area of The table is tighter than ever, both to Haas “we could lose or gain a position in each race”. Williams has 41 points in the championship, and Toro Rosso will follow closely with 33, 29 Haas, and 26 of Renault. “The team who finishes in front will be the one that commits less errors. If no failures, and get to the two drivers in points in each race that you can, you can do it very well”. Force India them is very far away, something that unleashes the blandishments of the leader of 64 years, who you trust to finish the next few races between the seventh and the tenth place.

The race is so crazy the Grand Prize of Azerbaijan could have finished with a podium for them; Kevin Magnussen shot 3rd for a few moments, while in the box was the head of Haas “shouting ‘Let’s go, let’s go!’”. Would have led to a milestone for a team so young, but finally could not be. The signing of the Danish ended up triggering the mexican to try their luck in Formula E and IndyCar, a decision that they see with good eyes on the computer. “Gutierrez was as quick as Romain Grosjean in free practice, but I think that Magnussen has more experience. He can get points, and that was key to hire you. Last year we had more or less the same points to these heights; if we can get another 29 points to Abu Dhabi, it would be a great result”.


Magnussen was chosen to replace Gutierrez in 2017.

finally, Gene Haas confirms that “we will continue with the same couple of pilots that we have this year in 2018”, right now the silly season begins to cause tension in the structures of the paddock because of the possible transfers in the making.