Gene Haas: “we’re Going to commit tons of mistakes in F1”


intensive Weeks for Haas F1. The u.s. team is preparing for its imminent debut in the Formula 1. Will be in the pre-season test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and in an official way in the Australian GP, trial, which will take place between the days 18 and 20 of march. With Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutierrez in their ranks, the team hopes that the learning curve of the secrets of the category is less, but in spite of this are aware of your goal in this first season in the World. Haas F1 must learn with the formula of trial and error.

So it recognizes your pattern, Gene Haas: We arrive to the Formula 1 without really knowing what it is. We can sit back and look at what others are doing, but there is nothing like being inside to learn. It’s going to be an experience very constructive,”. Responsible for Haas F1 is quite useful in reference to the debut of your team: “I Think we’re ready, I think that what we do well, but we have to be there to learn. we’re Going to commit tons of errors in F1, but we will correct and we will be better prepared for each race. After 21 tests, we will have the book of notes filled with”.

One of the issues that will be resolved Gene Haas is the hiring of a reserve driver for the team. For the time Haas F1 has not given too many clues about what may be the eventual identity of the third pilot, although the pattern of the american team points to a workaround: “we don’t have a reserve driver in these moments. If we can find a reserve driver in common with a Ferrari, it would be a good way to do it. Having a reserve driver today is for supply to another pilot in case of illness or emergency. In Nascar don’t tend to have the reserve driver, for example”.