General Motors and Lyft put expiry date to the taxi, the chauffeur, and the driver (announcing a service of autonomous cars shared)

What you have to do to that in a little over 3 years, your company has received 500 million dollars of investment, of a giant automotive such as General Motors and the manufacturer of Detroit announce the agreement as the “future of mobility”? So we should ask Logan Green and John Zimmer, who after the founding in the summer of 2012, the company Lyft, the biggest rival of Uber, just score a goal for the squad to his rival, and probably the taxi industry, putting in place the machinery in a few years they will offer a chauffeur service, and car sharing, based on autonomous cars, without a driver, or chauffeur-driven human itself.

The future of services of companies such as Lyft or Uber not only threaten the existence of the taxi, as we understood each other until now, but also to the existence of drivers, mode drivers.

The investment of $ 500 million in Lyft of General Motors, which add to the more than 1,000 million dollars received in recent years from investors such as Alibaba or Rakuten, not only means to strengthen your position in front of the giant transport, compared to Uber, but above all define their strategy for the future with the guarantee of one of the largest manufacturer, by volume, throughout the world.

General Motors and Lyft envision a future in which ever fewer citizens will need to keep in the garage a car in the property, a future, therefore, without private cars, but also without drivers, without drivers, and probably without taxis, themselves.


  • In the future, perhaps the not too distant future, the services of companies such as Lyft and Uber will be conquered by autonomous cars, without a driver.

    The 4 keys of the alliance between General Motors and Lyft are the following:

    • to Create a network of autonomous cars on demand. Now that Madrid have begun to popularize the services of car2go, and the possibility of using an electric car for a few minutes to cover a journey urban, it is much easier to understand this strategy. General Motors wants to take advantage of the network of users of Lyft to provide a service in which these reserved an autonomous vehicle at any time. This business will not begin to be exploited, obviously, until they reach the street the first autonomous cars from General Motors.
    • Network car rental. The services Lyft and General Motors not only would be restricted to routes determined, but also rentals full. Before you even Lyft, and General Motors to begin working with autonomous cars, almost immediately, General Motors will become the main provider of rental vehicles for the transport network of Lyft.
    • Connectivity. General Motors will also provide the users of Lyft its connectivity systems and entertainment OnStar.
    • Share the portfolio of customers. General Motors and Lyft offer their services of mobility and automobiles to its customers, with services and personalized experiences.

    Obviously, the first key of this alliance is the most important. Important because finally we are going to see movements very determined on-line as a minimum to position itself to be prepared for the scenarios that we will be able to find in the very near future. Important because the possibility of establishment of a network of cars shared by autonomous, perhaps even before they begin to conquer the market of individuals, is becoming more and more realistic. And important because a manufacturer of the likes of General Motors and not just think about the importance of selling cars, but also to be present among those who not only will not buy their cars, but who will not consider the fact of having a car a necessity. A decision transgressive, especially in a country so dependent on the car as the united States.

    Source: General Motors
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