General Motors and NASA created a glove with a robotic


Not only for cars live some manufacturers. most companies, in parallel to the planning and development of new vehicles, have departments dedicated to research in other sectors of industrial engineering.

RoboGlove is the result of the alliance of GM and NASA. With this glove intended save work to the muscles of the hand through multiple sensors and elements that mimic the tendons and muscles of the hand.

In principle, this glove was designed to be used in the International Space Station. It is now also used in other fields such as medicine and in the industrial sector.


this alliance, there is also the intervention of the Swedish company medical technology Bioservo Technologies, which will combine your SEM GloveTM the glove RoboGlove whose impact will be a increase in the strength of the same.

One of the requirements embedded for its development was the ability to use tools in the day-to-day as a wrench, and demonstrate great skill and precision to use it. Thanks to the glove it was demonstrated that significantly reduced fatigue in the hands that causes the use of tools.

right Now, GM is doing testing at the RoboGlobe in a plant of pre-production and have in mind to look for a new partner to help you improve it and find new uses.