General Motors announces that it will use exclusively renewable energies in 2050


just a few days Ago we learned of the plan of Toyota to go adapting each one of their facilities to use clean energy as a supply, and now General Motors has been the next to step to the respect of this initiative

In the last press conference, GM presented its plan to use in its more than 350 centres across the world electrical sources based 100% on renewable energy, like the wind, sun or biogas. Have been proposed as a goal to have all of its facilities for the year 2050.

apparently the trigger for this decision has been the initiative RE100, which urges companies engage with the renewable energy, which entitle GM to seek renewable energy for both their vehicles as their factories and fight against the climate change.


Mary’s Bar, CEO of GM has stated that “Establishing a goal of 100% renewable energy will help to better serve the society and reduce the environmental impact and that will benefit our clients and communities, breathing a cleaner air, while we strengthened our business with an investment in lower energy and more stable”.

By putting a piece of data, in 2015, GM needed 9 terawatt every hour electricity to make their vehicles and keep their facilities. The objective is to cover this need for energy with clean sources of energy, which is committed to to improve the energy efficiency in this period of time.

Currently are saving $ 5 million per year by using renewable energies and aspire to increase savings while increasing the use of clean energy.


it Is expected to exceed the target of promoting the use of 125 megawatts renewable energy for the year 2020 thanks to two new wind projects that will be put in operation in the united States, and also to extend other 30 megawatts with a solar power plant installed in China.

GM combine forces with other institutions such as political bodies, companies specializing in renewable energy and Ngos for a cleaner future.