General Motors continues its crusade against the taxi: this is how it works Maven, your car2go to the united States

Maven is the new brand of mobility shared in the U.S. In General Motors know that the future of mobility goes through the car sharing, and they know that fewer young people acquire new cars. Your service Maven is launched very soon in Ann Arbor (Michigan), with the goal of serving some 100,000 people, including students of the University of Michigan. After a partnership with Lyft to build taxis self-employed in the future, now launches a service similar to car2go in the U.S.

what is Maven?

Uber, Lyft, BlaBlaCar… the future of mobility is changing by leaps and bounds. The car manufacturers don’t want to be left hanging and General Motors is already moving tab to not miss a piece of this cake in the future. The service of Maven is very similar to the car2go that you can enjoy in Madrid. Through an app on our smartphone, we can access to shared cars – all of them are Chevrolet Impala of the last generation – available in 21, parking garages located in the city of Ann Arbor.

maven-general-motors-3similar To car2go even by time, and in the amount already included fuel and insurance. Access to the cars using a smartphone, linked to our bank card, eliminating the need for keys. The operation is identical to car2go, with the exception that cars must park in the 21 car parks scattered around the city of Ann Arbor. Supposedly, they are located so that they assume an ideal alternative to the poor public transportation system american.

via Apple Car Play and Android Auto, users of Maven, you can take your personal life into the shared car.

General Motors will begin its pilot testing in Michigan, but his idea is the expansion to several metropolises americans in the present year, expanding the pilot project of New York, and starting a mobility offer shared in Chicago, one of the city largest in the country. General Motors – hiring a multitude of experts from Google, Zipcar, and other mobility services that are shared – estimates that about 25 million people use services similar to car2go around the world.

maven-general-motors-4 Will Maven to Europe? If the picture continues in its current direction and the auto manufacturers get increasingly in the business of mobility shared, the answer should be affirmative. car2go could soon have a tough competition in Europe. As always, the ease of use and the legal availability of this type of vehicles will be the key to the success of the service. What is clear is that the mobility of the future every time we are offered more options are not traditional.

Source: General Motors
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