General Motors given by stored the cause of the ram defective

General Motors

Seems to have spent thousands of years since that happened and that the Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group has buried in our memory but the scandal of the ram defective General Motors is still there. In 2014, it was uncovered this curious case in which we know that the american group was aware that the ram boot many of their cars were defective and in addition which had led to several fatalities for it.

Doing memory we can remember that the ram could jump to the ACC position by a gesture wrong because with the leg in the key, by a pothole or even because of the weight of the keychain. If this occurred the car stopped in the dry and was to cut the current in the circuit of the vehicle causing it to be left without security systems or air bags. By this failure, General Motors acknowledged that they had deceased 13 people but never guilty, being accused of destroy evidence and obstruct justice even when the case was already in the public domain.

General Motors Bulones

well, now that time has past, have already recognized the guilt of the manufacturer (only in economic terms, not in terms of industrial or engineering) and the fines imposed are being met it seems that everything will be kept on file. This is the conclusion to which have come the managers of General Motors and that have been made public following completion of the internal investigation that had been in the company.

In at no time has been noted directly any worker of the signature. However, it has become apparent that, within the group the situation was known and that for a paltry amount of money (about 57 cents on the dollar) it could have solved everything in the assembly lines. If this had been so, they would have saved billions of dollars and the embarrassment of being identified by all americans.

Source – General Motors