General Motors gives more data about your driving system autonomous

General Motors

driving autonomous and the technology needed to make it a reality already are taking positions in within car makes. General Motors leads from the year 2014, working to develop their own system of driving autonomously. The Super Cruise american group being profiled by its creators, and in a matter of a couple of years could be out in the street hand-in-hand of any scoop of the Cadillac, the firm premium of the General.

With the system for autonomous driving Super Cruise the driver can let the car drive for him. If for any reason the system detects that the driver is not pending driving and what is happening around the vehicle it may stop the car automatically. This is one of the safety measures incorporated in the system since prior to the occurrence of an accident the vehicle will ensure the safety of the occupants.

Cadillac Escala Concept

Another of the situations in which Super Cruise will participate in active driving of the driver will be if the road has many curves. In this case will evaluate the driver’s attention, and as in the previous case, if he is not attentive to the driving maneuvers the vehicle will decelerate to a stop and turn on the emergency lights to warn the other drivers that there may be a problem.

In both situations the vehicle may intervene in the dashboard of the car until the normal situation has been restored and the driver is ready to resume the journey. These have been the indications that General Motors has sent a letter to the NHTSA us to inform them of the progress of the system.

The first model General Motors to mount the Super Cruise will be in all probability a first Cadillac. The signature premium of the american group has already performed several tests (you can see a video here) of this system, and so advanced that it will, it could well reach the market in a matter of a couple of years.

Source – General Motors