General Motors (GM) will replace the Buick Regal with a version 5 doors

Opel Insignia Grand Sport

The automobile market in the united States is much more conservative than the european. There, customers demand vehicles-cut sedan with four doors. For a car with five accesses will succeed is because it has a design that you like and a price as less attractive. Buick is one of the firms that it has had in its portfolio traditional designs, however, at General Motors they want this to change, as you need to give a radical turn to the image of the brand.

This you already did Ford Motor (with relative success) with its subsidiary, luxury Lincoln and it seems that now it’s the turn to Buick. Until now, the Regal had lived with a body four doors, traditional cut. However, the Opel Insignia Grand Sport has alleged a radical shift in design inside the constructor, americanor. Therefore, within General Motors have decided to replace the current generation of Regal using version five-door of the sedan German.

Opel Insignia Sports Tourer

The leaders of the u.s. firm would still be deciding this movement as implies a radical change of concept for Buick. Remember that the us firm does not have in its portfolio with five-door models for about two decades. But in addition, there would also be another surprise and that is that will also come to the united States the family version of the Opel Insignia.

With the body Sport Tourer the directors of General Motors want to to give the Buick Regal a greater versatility of use. This planetamiento is more than good, because the american market to seen like the falling sales of the sedans traditional in favor of SUV’s or vehicles more versatile. But in addition there is also another approach, and this is cut and economic competition.

As we all know General Motors just get rid of Opel. However, before doing this have spent a huge amount of money to develop the new Badge and as is logical, they are not going to release the model without squeezing it to the fullest. It is for this reason that even that may Buick will continue to be employed as the basis of his catalogue of the models of the house of the beam until the PSA Group has changed its DNA from american to French.

The new generation of the Buick Regal you should do your world debut the next day, April 4 in the Technical Centre in Warren (Detroit). After it, you will come to the Auto show in New York in the that also we can see the restyling that apply to the Buick Enclave.

Source – General Motors

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