General Motors has not abandoned its plans for Diesel in the U.S. despite the #Dieselgate


Diesel Engine for the Chevrolet Cruze american, with 151 HP of power

General Motors is the largest american manufacturer, and one of the three most powerful in the world. At the time, was one of the pioneers of Diesel engines in your country, as we saw in a recent article. A long time ago of that, currently just have a version diesel: Chevrolet Cruze 2.0 Clean Turbo Diesel.

The problem of image of Volkswagen will not affect the plans of the manufacturer out in 2017, the Diesel version of the second generation of the Cruze, as well as engines of four and six cylinders for the Cadillac brand in 2019. In the case of the luxury brand, are more engines intended for the european market, but that could also be placed on those lands.

The manufacturer is confident that their engines will meet the emission regulations of the country, and that this will not be a problem of perception of face-to-customers. Is Volkswagen which has sold a supposed cleaning that has not been complied with, and talking about engines very specific. The Diesel BMW and Mercedes-Benz have not been splashed by the scandal.


The current model of the Cruze boasts a higher performance compared to its main rival, the Jetta 2.0 TDI, which now has sales completely frozen

The initiative to put back the “fashionable” Diesel engine in the US was a european initiative: VAG, BMW and Daimler Chrysler (at that time). General Motors wants to play a greater role. Not in vain have a development center in Europe for the brands Opel and Vauxhall, which at the time also brought diesel engines to Chevrolet in its european range.

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