General Motors, in the point of view of Donald Trump for its investments in Mexico

From the beginning of his political campaign Donald Trump has earned him not a few enemies. Your misogyny has quarrelled with the female gender, and his racism has raised the ire of muslims and immigrants in equal parts. For some reason, been taken with Mexico, reaching out to claim publicly that only rapists and criminals mexicans emigrate to the U.S. Also has strongly condemned harshly against u.s. companies with large investments in Mexico, such as Ford, and in the case of this article, General Motors.

Mexico has produced 3.4 million vehicles in 2015. It is the seventh largest producer of vehicles.

The speech of Trump is a populist, and appeals to the u.s. population, less educated and formed. “America is for americans” is a discourse as old-fashioned, and in a globalized world many companies have foreign investments which obtained a significant profit. The big three automotive Detroit built part of their vehicles in Mexico and Canada, although interestingly Trump only criticizes investments in Mexico. Ford already was in the crosshairs of Trump a few months ago, with threats including.

2016 Chevrolet Cruze Front 3/4The republican has threatened to subject imports of vehicles built in Mexico to a tariff of 35%, without any legal basis and with a clear lack of knowledge of the agreements NAFTA free trade of goods and capital. Be that as it may, is now General Motors which is being bombed by Donald Trump. General Motors has several plants in Mexico, and in 2014 announced that it would invest a total of 5,000 million dollars in Mexico, creating 5.600 new jobs until the year 2018.

Carrier also manufactures air conditioners in Mexico and also has been severely criticized by the presidential candidate.

Maybe Donald Trump will bother you to some Chevrolet Silverado and blockbusters such as the Chevrolet Cruze to be assembled on the other side of the wall to build – and make Mexico pay. In the face of these statements, General Motors has declined to make official comments, and according to Automotive News, the press secretary of Trump has not clarified the reason of this sudden attack. Despite the threats of the gop, it seems that neither Ford nor General Motors are for the work you modify your investment portfolio.

chevrolet-silverado-spec-ops-5just three months Ago Ford announced the investment of $ 1,600 million for the construction of small cars in Mexico, and the upcoming opening of a plant for engines and transmissions. This new plant will create a 3,800 jobs, after an investment of 2,500 million dollars. From the beginning of the campaign of Trump, Ford has positioned himself openly against their policy positions. Interestingly, Ford was the only of the big three of Detroit that didn’t need a federal bailout in the crisis of 2009.

few months Ago General Motors announced that it would derive part of its production of pick-ups from Mexico to Michigan, but the movement is responding to the decisions of productive capacity, not the bravado of a candidate to the presidency of the united States.

Source: Automotive News