General Motors invests $ 44 million in its High Performance Centre

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 ConvertibleThe american company General Motors hides in Kentucky, specifically Bowling Green, the most powerful engine in its range of sport. These mechanics are assembled in their High Performance Centre, the Performance Build Center, from where they go direct to the models most important of the group. The same firm has just announced that will invest $ 44 million in this center in order to increase production.

This investment is backed up by the strong demand is enjoying the new generation of the Corvette Z06. Although, a large part of the Corvette that are sold, in particular almost a third of these units, correspond to the variant Z06, which is why the group is forced to increase production. An investment that indicates, according to the company, the trust they put in this center.

Corvette Z06 2015Thanks to this investment, General Motors announced 36 new jobs that will be created in the Performance Build Center. The same center will receive an update, by improving the facilities that currently exist in addition to creating a new painting workshop. Kai Spande, manager of the centre, was satisfied by the arrival of these reforms at the centre, a complex that formerly was in Michigan.

From this High Performance Center have come out of engines that have gone for the best models of the company. Among the winners is the Cadillac STS-V, C6 Corvette ZR1 or the Camaro Z28 with its impressive V8 of 7.0 liters. The last mechanic that has been produced in the Performance Build Center has been the eight cylinders in V with 6.2-liter of the current generation of the Corvette Z06.

Source – GM

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