General Motors launches new global strategy for platforms without Opel


general Headquarters of GM in Detroit.

With a Opel outside the structure of General Motors many of us wondered if the american corporation does not take in lack the development department of the German brand, true specialists in platform development, small and medium enterprises, as well as mechanical in the prime efficiency, something that compared to the rest of group brands, Rüsselheim were real specialists.

Not in vain many models employed by the group actually derived from technology or platforms developed by Opel, please read the case of Holden, which for years employed the platform of rear-wheel-drive Opel.

we did this question in his time, we’ve had a proper response today to an article from Detroit Free Press, which ensures that not only will not be necessary for the R & D department of Opel, but that will be able to save up to 1,000 million dollars a year in development.


entrance Hall of the Renaissance Center.

In the first place because that was the cost of developing technology and products specific to Europe, who could not take advantage in other markets. So that this amount can be redirected to develop products for markets that are more cost-effective than the old continent.

second, and more important, because General Motors has developed a new strategic plan, which provides for divided all models marketed by the group in only six families of models, regardless of the market they are targeting. When they are divided in six families, each of them will share the same elements and parts, from the Chevrolet smaller up to the Cadillac of greater size.

Each family will have access to their platform, that will be shared by all the group’s brands. Opel would only have been able to use 3 of these families, and with little possibility of sharing many of the elements.


Headquarters of Opel in Germany.

What has not been revealed yet the american corporation are their new plans for Europe, a large market – complex and less profitable than others – that we find it hard to believe that you intend to resign. By the time the sale of Opel includes a non-aggression pact that does not allow them to enter Europe with technology or models that also have Opel.

This means that the Buick Regal based Opel Insignia is not what we see in Europe, for example, but that doesn’t mean that tomorrow can’t get models Chevrolet for the market generalist, as did GM in his day.