General Motors plans to electrify its range of vehicles to China

General Motors Chevrolet MalibuThe race for the electric vehicle is going crazy to all the manufacturers. All want to be the new Tesla, overcome it or even throw it on the market. However, there is still no rival for the brand of Silicon Valley able to accomplish such a feat. Well, of these brands (or industry group) is the all-powerful General Motors that is ready to conquer the consumer with a range of electric cars.

This consumer is no more nor less than the chinese. China is one of the main markets for the american giant and as such, must take care of to the maximum. For this reason, the last week in your technical centre of Shanghai the brand presented to its local partners, plans to electrify part of its range of cars. With this strategy we are seeking to increase the variety of available mechanical and better meet the local consumer.

General Motors Buick LaCrosse HybridAccording to Larry Nitz, Executive Director for the electrification of the range General Motors in China, is accelerating the arrival of the new generation of vehicles are called “vehicles of new energy” (NEV). To carry out this offensive General Motors plans to build a plant to manufacture batteries and in this way support its new range of nevs.

This strategy, by the obligation of the government of the Republic People of China, will be carried out by the joint venture that Builds Motors has with the chinese Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp., SAIC-GM. In this way, the brands the american group has in the chinese market, along with SAIC will be able to expand their ranges, sharing development costs and by improving their economies of scale.

The models that will be starting this new offensive go to a hybrid scheme with petrol engine and electric. The first to arrive should be the Buick LaCrosse followed by the Chevrolet Malibu XL Hybrid. The last to arrive would be the Cadillac CT6 which in this case would be a hybrid electric plug-in or PHEV.

The mechanical outline that will be used by the LaCrosse and Malibu XL Hybrid will be a gas engine (new development) with direct injection and 1.8 liters of displacement. You will have four cylinders and will be connected to an electric motor fuelled by a battery of lithium-ion 1,5 kilowatt-hour, and 80-cell capacity. With this configuration, it is expected that the average consumption is placed in 4.3 litre 100 miles to the Malibu and 4.7-liter for the LaCrosse.

In the case of the Cadillac CT6 plug-in PHEVS will be driven by an engine with four cylinders and 2.0 litres of displacement. Your condition of electric plug-in will allow you to travel about 80 miles without emitting a single gram of CO2 to the atmosphere.

Source – General Motors