General Motors says goodbye to 2,700 workers in Venezuela after the seizure of their plant

Through a text message sent to their mobile phones, almost to 2,700 workers of General Motors of Venezuela were fired this week. This happens after the seizure of their assembly plant by the venezuelan government.

Hace a few days the government of Venezuela took by assault the assembly plant that General Motors had in the city of Valencia, about 150 kilometers west of Caracas, after an order given by the justice due to a lawsuit that pits General Motors with one of his Chevrolet dealerships.

General Motors had been terminated 17 years ago the concession contract of one of their dealers because of a lackluster performance and this resulted in litigation by some 95 million Euros. The justice forced General Motors to suspend its operations and the company ended up pulling out of Venezuela, for which unfortunately all of its workers have been fired.

The subsidiary venezuelan General Motors sent a text message to its 2,700 employees, informing them that they no longer belong to the company and who had received compensation for dismissal, which was available in their bank accounts.

The workers of the plant of GM in Venezuela claim that the company had been dismantling the plant prior to these facts, that the not producing cars since the beginning of 2016, due to the restrictions on access to foreign currency and the inability to import the necessary parts for the production of their vehicles.

closing of the General Motors plant occurs after that the car sales in Venezuela fell during the year 2016 to record lows, with just 3.684 units sold throughout the year.