General Motors wants to sell in China, the Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado

Chevrolet Silverado

General Motors wants to continue to grow in the competitive chinese market. want to get full in the segment of pick-ups large. In China this segment is not the most in-demand but every day that passes is growing and do not want to descuidarlo. The way to attack it is bringing to this country two of the models most important for General Motors and Chevrolet.

The elect are the pick-ups, Colorado and Silverado Chevrolet. In a first time Chevrolet sell directly from the united States and depending on the hosting that you have in the market will raise its production in situ. For now the only car brand that manufactures this type of vehicles in China is Nissan and for now is going pretty well. The experiment that they will carry out have a very good looking and could constitute a a new line of business for General Motors in China.

Chevrolet Colorado Duramax

As we all know China is the largest market for cars and light trucks in the world, but customers of the country still does not sigh for the pick-ups of size medium large. This does not help that most of the major cities of the country are prohibited to prevent the occurrence of large atáscos and air pollution will grow exponentially.

however the past month of march the government of the people’s Republic of China decided to lift this ban for the pick-ups in four of its provinces. To do this go to to carry out a pilot program in which the families of these four regions can have access to this type of vehicles to help in their agricultural work and, therefore, will serve in order to test the market and its behavior in the cities.

The four provinces chosen to carry out this program are Henan and Hebei in the north of the country, Liaoning in the northeast, and Yunnan, in the southwest. Therefore, General Motors has been set as a goal to be visible in these areas and in terms of their acceptance to increase its presence in the rest of the country. With this they want to overtake Ford Motor Company already announced that it would send the F-150 Raptor to China from 2017.

To see what comes of this experiment, but a lot of us fear that the chinese will opt for them.

Source – General Motors