General Motors wants to use clean energy in all their factories

General Motors Every day that passes, the companies are more aware that they have to reduce the footprint that they leave on the environment when they make their products. This consciousness is imposed on a greater number of sectors and among them is the automotive sector. So many are the brands that every day are working on to improve their facilities, use solar panels to get energy and to perform efficient management of its facilities.

trademark, or industrial group, which has decided to jump into the pool and plan a strategy for use in their factories with clean energy is to the american General Motors. The giant american has presented a set of measures to use in its more than 350 factories and work centers, spread across the world, energy produced exclusively for renewable materials.

General MotorsThis strategy would have a time horizon that would cover up to the year 2050. To that date General Motors wants all of its factories to use or generate energy from wind, sun or biogas. With this strategy, General Motors aims that their factories are more efficient and respectful with the environment. In addition with this plan, the group strengthens its overall strategy to combating climate change, strengthened by their efforts in the field of electric vehicles.

According to data of General Motors during the past year by 2015 in all their factories needed nine terawatt-hour, that is to say kilowatt-hour) of energy (electricity, mostly) to make their models and have operating all of its facilities throughout the world. However with this new energy plan General Motors want that in the year 2020 are using 125 megawatts of renewable energy for the manufacture of their cars and maintain their facilities.

we Hope that more industry groups join to this responsible alternative and fight hand to hand for preserving the environment and leave behind the energies contaminants.

Source – General Motors