General Motors will hire 220 employees to assemble in your automatic gearbox

General Motors

Since there are cars there are the gearboxes manual and automatic. In the united States and a large part of the world are most in demand but there are markets (such as some in Europe – Spain among them) that don’t end up eating them in bulk. Therefore its technological evolution has been more rapid than the manual cut-off, since these have not changed much in the last few years.

General Motors is one of the groups most has chosen to renew its range of gearboxes automatic. His latest release has been a with 10 relations and apparently their demand never ceases. The place in which it occurs is the factory that are in Romulus and according to has communicated the firm will need to increase its workforce to give output to the demand that you have at this time.

General Motors Detroit

, Under the leadership of General Motors, will be incorporated to the assembly line of the automatic transmission 10-speed 220 new workers. In statements to the press, Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors announced that “the commitments announced demonstrate the confidence that we have in our products, our people, and an overall positive outlook for the automobile industry and the economy of the united States”.

in Addition, this integration in your factory will not be the last that has been announced by the american group. The next year, 500 employees will remain at the plant in Lansing Delta Township as it join the production line that assembles the Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave. Faced with this situation, Mary Barra added that “as the manufacturing base of the united States increases its competitiveness, we can further increase our investment, resulting in more jobs for the united States and better outcomes for our customers and shareholders,”.

however, these ads imply the B-side of the situation that General Motors lives in the united States. The reason is that more than 2,000 jobs have been removed from plants in Michigan and Ohio before the fall of the demand of the vehicles that are made here.

Source – General Motors