General Motors will manufacture electric cars in China in two years

Chevrolet Volt Premier General Motors

we have Already told you that General Motors is accelerating its plans for the chinese market in terms of electric vehicles refers. Several days ago we showed the first images of the Buick Velite 5, the first hybrid vehicle with extended-range for the signature of the three shields. As we already know it is a carbon copy of the Chevrolet Volt, which will be sold in the united States and that will not come, commercially speaking, to China.

however the Velite 5 will not be the only representative electric General Motors in the country asiáticor. The reason is explained in an internal report of the american giant that has been leaked to the press. In this document of a confidential nature are just some of the future plans of the group. As we know, General Motors wants to launch 10 new vehicles powered by clean energy by the year 2020.

Buick Velite 5 General Motors

This information does not take anyone with the walk changed, but yes the next. Apparently in the leadership of the american group are thinking of manufacturing their electric models in China in a matter of two years. After getting this information public, there has been more choice but to confirm it on the part of the company and has been Matt Tsien, President of General Motors to China, who has corroborated the words that he quotes this report.

the plans of The american group add up to the perfection with which the authorities in the asian country. China is betting heavily on vehicles driven by alternative energy, because the air pollution in their cities is very high. This situation comes very well to the western manufacturers because will be able to implement its electric technology in a market less demanding than the american and european. This way, when you launch your electrical products on our markets the technology will be tested.

China is the first example but not the only one. Little by little they will be adding more countries as you need to lower the levels of pollution of their cities and thus promote the technology to power advancement. Will have to see how much time passes for it to be something widespread among the developed countries.

Source – General Motors