General Motors with IBM enhancement system OnStar

Servicios Opel OnStarGenarl Motors and Opel in the last decade have been very active at the time of develop and mount on your cars systems, infotainment and driving aids. However not everything has gone well in this subject, but just ask the owners of an Opel Insignia with system Intellilink of the first generation. These customers have been cheated by the brand since many of the features announced have never come to develop and it seems that the brand has forgotten that it was assembled one day in one of their cars.

however it seems that with the OnStar system, General Motors is doing something better. This does not mean that you have to take care of dissatisfied customers by their previous system, but this will be resolved when the customer and the brand to reach to an agreement. For now, it’s time to talk about the benefits of evolution, which has presented General Motors with its OnStar system, and that has been baptized as OnStar Go.

OnStar ChevroletTo develop the evolution of the OnStar Go General Motors has enlisted the help of IBM. This evolution combines many of the services already offered by the current OnStar system of General Motors with a new form of artificial intelligence that has been developed by IBM for customers to install products and services designed to improve the driving experience.

As an example of the operation of the new OnStar Go we have this situation that raises the brand. OnStar Go account with sufficient capacity to indicate to the driver where is your gas station favorite to fill the fuel tank. In addition, once you are in this service station, you can pay for refueling by the communication that exists between the car and the payment system selected on your credit card.

to carry out all these tasks the system drinketh of the data that the driver shares in the internet as well as the routines that are stored in your system. We hope that this time the new General Motors is fully functional and not leave customers waiting for a promise.

Source – General Motors

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