Genesis also will have sports models N

Genesis Na long time Ago that we know that Hyundai intends to bring to the market sport versions of its cars under the name of N. Under the umbrella of the fourteenth letter of the alphabet you will find models that are more powerful and dynamic. We know that the Hyundai i30 N will be one of the first to arrive, but now we also know that the sub-premium Genesis will also feature sports models N in your range.

The sub-brand premium Genesis has just been created and already has its first model, the Genesis G90. The first Genesis N will be a new Genesis G70 Coupe, a two-door that would lead to a saloon smaller than the current G90 and G80 (Hyundai Genesis). The G70 will be a sedan segment D and its coupe derivative will play in that same league, rivaling with models like the BMW M4 or the Lexus RC F.


The BMW M4 would be one of the rivals of the Hyundai G70 Coupe N

On the Hyundai G70 the brand promises a lot. Albert Biermann, former chief engineer of BMW M and is now responsible for the division N of Hyundai, has anticipated some details about the new model. Input promise a sporting behaviour as for the versions of the series, which will take shape on a new platform of rear-wheel-drive. Therefore, the sport variant N will have a point making much more radical. Would the range of the G70 an approach similar to that of the BMW 3 Series, a model that over its rivals stands out for the dynamism.

The engine of this new model, N is the unknown. The own Biermann says that it is unlikely that it will use the V8 of 5.0 liters of the brand, and that the twin-turbo V6 3.3-liter has more options for being the heart of this sports coupe. In the models that is available with this engine, such as the G90, without sports aspirations, delivering 370 horsepower.

Source – Car & Driver