Genesis G90, 71 images, which show us the ultimate expression of luxury Korean


Genesis EQ900 is your name in Korean, here’s what to know as a G90

Since late last year, we learned that Hyundai created a subbrand of luxury, quickly we learned that the hyundai brand what would give everything to be presented as a more economical alternative to the usual sedans, luxury, German. The Genesis G90 is his first creation, and make no mistake, you will be at the height of its claims.

you Can seem superb, but Hyundai, and now Genesis, have been around for years proving that the future is theirs. Years ago, we could see products of the brand that is very inferior to its rivals, but in nothing have become a logical alternative to the rest of european brands. It is for this reason that year by year their sales figures increase. And what is to come.

The koreans have gathered all that experience, short but intense, and have been unified in one model, the G90. This takes over from the Hyundai Genesis, and what makes strengthening all of its strengths, as the design, which hardly varies from one to the other, but with slight tweaks here and there it has been improved in all aspects.

And is the Genesis G90 not only feels luxurious, it is what it is. The outer leaves evidence of it, but it is the inside that confirms it. Look where you look you see elements of quality, well-finished, and that even from the pictures overflows with that feeling of superior category.


come and see the luxury Korean. It has nothing to envy to the european

Conceived as a sedan, the Genesis account with dimensions more than generous, more than five meters of pure glamour. If you think little, do not forget that soon we’ll see the extended version of the same, which for the moment has left to see in the testing phase. Both the one and the other are designed to move four people in luxury.

we Say four, but the truth is that they are two, you will enjoy all the glories of the work is creative and constructive. They will have at their disposal it is not just space, but all the technology possible, taking and for having. We are in front of a saloon of representation, and it is for this reason that in it is included everything you need to work from the inside.

finally, the character premium is completed with a range of engines, that even being short is more than enough. Two blocks V6 315 and 370 HP, which are accompanied by a V8 engine five-liter with a power of 425 horsepower. In all cases, the change is the same, an eight-speed automatic transmission that puts a premium on comfort over performance.


In Europe only have the V6, the V8 is intended for the american market

So it is the maximum expression of luxury Korean, so is the Genesis G90. A saloon of high flights even though it has been presented at the Detroit motor show, step on european soil, and Spanish along this year. The price at the moment unknown, but we do not miss to find with a price of output that be 65,000 euro.