Genesis G90, and luxury as conceived in Korea

The who warns is not a traitor, and Hyundai took the warning a long time: “we’re going to take a step in the level of our cars.” And said and done. Today, it has come to light which will be the first model produced by the sub-brand of luxury, the Genesis G90. This will be manufactured in its country of origin, South Korea, where it is called EQ900.


An outside imposing according to the philosophy of the new sub-brand of Hyundai

Although its manufacture is asian, and has been designed there, the Genesis G90 has been conceived to meet a large number of markets, which includes China, Japan, Russia, the united States and the Middle East. Is your second luxury car, the first was the Hyundai Genesis, although the first as a subbrand.

If we take a look we quickly realize that its design is an evolution of the Hyundai Genesis. minor touch-ups here and there that do but to emphasize the degree of perceived quality. Their great length and their shapes of the curves with nerves very marked, that has made an imposing appearance, we could say that has even a touch of German.

If surprise is the exterior, not less so is the interior, where, once more, shows great quality. Even in images are note that the engineers of Hyundai/Genesis have worked every area and have paid attention to the smallest of details for the work to go according to the level of the brand and the car.

After all those high-quality materials, hides a technology of last generation. Elements that enhance life on board, increase the comfort and extend the security. The screens control the interior. The rear passengers will benefit from a each one, and in the front we see a more with a considerable size of 12.3 inches.

To this we add a system Head-Up Display and a team of high-fidelity sound signed by Lexicon. In addition there are that mention the climatizador trizona, the automatic closing of the doors, and an isolation that can rival that of any club in the world that will ensure a minimum noise in the interior.

To boost its 5.2 meters long, the Genesis G90 will use gasoline engines ranging between 3.3 and 5.0 liters of cubicaje. The powers will depart from the 370 HP, and can achieve the 425 HP generated by block V8 of five liters. By the time they have not transcended the data of consumption.


The interior never ceases to amaze us, the quality seems to transcend the screen

The Genesis G90 initiated its phase of production. The first units will be aimed at the local market, appearing in the first half of next year. The G90 has not yet come to the market and is already garnering great success. In South Korea there is already a list with 4,300 orders in less than 24 hours. See it to believe it.