Genesis G90, the luxury Korean-now in video

Genesis G90 EQ900 Genesis G90 is already a reality. A double reality. On the one hand we have a new model of high parentage willing to fight with the Mercedes S-Class or BMW 7-Series, but at the same time is born a new premium brand within Hyundai that promises a future very promising. We know now the flagship of Hyundai video.

it Seems that the koreans have taken very seriously this to create a premium brand. You have started out with everything, with a the vehicle of representation that responds to design, technology and comfort. Also benefits, and it is not to forget that the basis of Genesis are these, to leave nothing neglected.


we now See video on the G90, its first model and an example of what is to come. Its design is classic, but takes on some of the key stylistic update their figure. The interior is also classic cut, but turns to technology, finishes and screens that put the new model in the same category as its main european competitors.

do Not forget, the Genesis G90 will come to Europe willing to get along with a market that is very mature and very closed. It will be the beginning of a new stage in which we will see new models and bodies. We can give you almost closed that we will see a new SUV, a sedan smaller than the G90 and very likely a compact able to cope with the trio of premium German.