Genesis it’s official: the new luxury brand from Hyundai in 5 questions and answers

Hyundai does not want to fall behind in the race to the product of “high standing”. General practitioners are expanding their view, try to find a new way of wowing the client with products with the halo premium. What we have seen with DS PSA psa Peugeot Citroën – and what we’re seeing as brands like Renault and Ford, and their lines Initiale Paris and Vignale, respectively. Can you be competitive a brand like Hyundai launching a luxury product? to answer this question, it is enough to ride in the new Hyundai Genesis, or to view the car fleet, which is moving through the area executive of the Seoul neighborhood of Gangnam (don’t miss our visit to Seoul). Maybe that’s why Hyundai has opted to present its fantastic to great, its brand new Genesis.

1. ¿What models are placed in the new range of Genesis?. A total of 6 models make up the range Genesis models, that iran introduced by 2020. Under the emblem Genesis already sells a sedan executive, as has also been marketing since long time ago a Coupe. To these I would add, as a minimum, a great SUV, and a crossover of compact dimensions. On the other models complete the range, we do not yet know more details.

2. what will Arrive to Europe the models of Genesis? Yes. Maybe that’s the most important news. Let us remember that the new Hyundai Genesis came to markets like the Spanish, with a greater interest in strengthen the image of the brand, which for the commercial acclaim that might have a model whose sales are discrete, very discrete. The range Genesis will be global, and will be marketed throughout the world.


3. What naming will follow the new models of Genesis? new models of Genesis recourse to a nomenclature based on a logic of numbers, and the symbol G, of Genesis. So we hope that there are models that we shall know as Genesis G90, G80, G70, and so on. The number will define the segment and the category of the car in question.

4. What will be the keys to aesthetic? Genesis forget the emblem of Hyundai, and used an emblem renewed appearance winged. But that is simply an anecdote to what of truth we have before us. Hyundai ensures that the product design of Genesis will be the responsibility of the new Prestige Design Division, supervised by the signing star of the koreans, Luc Donckerwolke, once-off designer brands such as Audi, Bentley and Lamborghini. The thing promises, don’t you think?


5. What will be the essence of the vehicle of Genesis? beyond its design, it is expected that the models of Genesis differ from the rest of Hyundai because of its performance and its dynamics. A good part of the range, if not all, could resort to platform rear-wheel-drive.

Although the emblem Genesis is very well known in certain markets, particularly in South Korea, in Spain is a great unknown, even assuming that already a long time ago that the Hyundai Genesis came on the market and that in large cities, such as Madrid, some can be seen on the streets of the capital. But, in any case, does anyone doubt the possibilities of a manufacturer that has experienced a progress so spectacular in the last few years?

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