Genesis New York Concept, anticipating a rival of the BMW Series 3

Genesis New York Concept

The Genesis New York Concept we anticipate a future rival of the BMW Series 3.

Genesis has led to the Auto show New York 2016 a lot of news. However, one of them charged a certain importance, since this is the first concept car that the signature premium has developed since its recent creation by Hyundai. We talked about the new Genesis New York Concept. A prototype that, although his name does not tell us anything, the truth is that in general we are faced with a project that we should keep in mind.

In the first place, we find ourselves before a conceptual model, the design of which is shown largely influenced by the Genesis G90 and G80. In addition, All indications are that we offered a preview of the path followed by the production version of the future Genesis G70. A clear rival for the BMW 3 Series as well as other alternatives in its segment. How too much ambition for a signature of recent creation? Behind all the support of Hyundai.

The Genesis New York Concept we anticipate the future G70

In any case, the manufacturer premium south Korean describes the Genesis New York Concept as a model that combines luxury and modernity. Ensure you have checked the “elegance athletic” previously shown in his day for the Hyundai Vision G Concept. The exterior boasts a custom finished in blue ceramic, while the lines create a nice flow from your grill to rear.

Genesis New York Concept - interior

The interior is characterized by its futuristic feel straight out of a science fiction movie.

Has a prominent grill in vertical position, a few front fenders of large size, as well as a few headlight design is very sharp. On the other hand, the overhangs front are quite short, while if we take a look at the area later, we find ourselves with a few lights whose design is in line with the headlights.

If we leave aside the exterior design and we a look at your cabin, we will be witnesses of an interior that appears to have been taken out of a science fiction movie. A design very futuristic could well have been taken out of his day to show us how to be the dwellings of cars within a few decades. Has a screen of large dimensions of 21 inches curved created by LG as well as another screen 4K. The entire interior is wrapped in leather and details in copper-colored and anthracite. It also features a new interface called HMI, which, according to Genesis, “sets a new standard for user experience and driver”.

On the mechanics, the truth is that Genesis has not said much about it. He has merely pointed out that this prototype is powered by a hybrid system composed by engine 2.0-liter GDi and an eight-speed automatic transmission. The system has a combined figure of 242 HP and 353 Nm.