Genesis records new names associated with their future models

Genesis New York Concept

Genesis New York Concept, a prototype that we anticipate the future G70, and a new coupe.

As we have been reporting in recent months, Genesis is working on a lot of projects. With the G80 and G90 already revealed, the next member to join the family created by the premium brand founded by Hyundai will be the Genesis G70 2018. A saloon with which you want to do it in front of the BMW 3 Series, among other models. But, after arrival, what will be the next step? We have already talked about specifically in an article on the plans for the Genesis, but thanks to the new moves made by the new firm we can get an idea even more clear of what is to come.

After the Genesis G70 the new manufacturer of premium vehicles will be put to work to bring to market a SUV (anticipated by the Genesis GV80 Concept) and a new two door coupe with a very sporty and aires luxurious. And precisely with this future coupe may be related to the action that has made Genesis. The brand has registered new names and all of them have in common is the label “GT”: GT60, GT70, GT80 and GT90.

By the time Genesis has decided to reserve the use of these four denominations, that does not mean that we are going to see in the market, four models with these names. For the moment, the brand has confirmed that looking to the year 2020 have a total of six models for sale, of which three are clear for obvious reasons. There is a lot of information about the intentions of the signature south Korean with respect to these registered names.

Genesis G70 2018 - foto espía

Photo spy of the Genesis G70 during a testing session. Photo: Automedia.

however, we can get a clear idea if we take into account two factors. The three sedans that Genesis will be for sale at the end of this year they have been named as G70, G80 and G90. And for its part, to the SUV market, the company will opt for the designation “GV” followed by a number. Therefore, and taking into account this differentiation between sedans and SUVS, it is reasonable to expect that the mark doing the same with its future coupes.

that indicated The coupe two-door sporty character will be possible thanks to that will emanate directly from the new Genesis G70, which is currently being developed. Therefore, it is expected that the name GT70 recently recorded reference to this upcoming model. therefore, the rest of the denominations show us that at least it is studying the launch of a variant coupé of the current G80 and G90.

Recall that the Hyundai Genesis Coupe will no longer be continued (in part due to the low sales in many markets), therefore, the new signature Genesis must launch a coupe to fill the free slot left for this model marketed up to now by Hyundai.