Genesis will officially be the subbrand of luxury Hyundai


Genesis will be the luxury brand of Hyundai Group

Genesis is the name of the sub-brand of luxury that will launch globally Hyundai. An appropriate name for this new venture that we have already related the most high standards of luxury (Hyundai Genesis Sedan) and performance (Hyundai Genesis Coupe) from the manufacturer. His range will consist of six global models in 2021.

Six rear wheel drive vehicles for the 2021

Its intention is to become increasingly independent of its parent brand, something like the birth of DS in the PSA Group. In fact, like the French, Genesis from your disclosure officer will possess greater independence but will still be sharing dealership with Hyundai, at least for the moment.

His range will be comprised of six vehicles. In principle will be the well-known Hyundai Equus and Hyundai Genesis Sedan renamed as G80 and G90 respectively, a year afterwards, a saloon more compact G70 and will be followed by a SUV, a crossover of medium size, and finally a vehicle sports coupé.


The Hyundai Genesis Sedan will be one of the models of the new range of Genesis called G80

The goal is to continue to grow as an independent brand to become what it is today Lexus to Toyota or Infiniti to Nissan. Genesis will begin your adventure in December with the launch of the G90 in South Korea. The current Genesis Coupe remains under the brand of Hyundai, so we will wait to a completely new model.

In December will be released the first model of the Genesis in Korea

The vehicles of Genesis will be provided with the highest standards of luxury, refinement, performance and technology of the koreans. The new platform rear-wheel-drive will be one of the pillars of the brand as they consider it a must for any luxury vehicle worth its salt.