Genesis will open its first dealership in South Korea

Genesis concesionario Corea del SurGenesis has not complied, nor a year, but is already part of the landscape of the current automobile. The sub-brand’s premium Hyundai opens this week his first dealership. The site chosen could not be other than the outskirts of Seoul, in South Korea, the place where was born the brand. This new space has already been baptized as the Genesis Studio, and will aim to improve the profile of the new luxury brand.

this Is the first Genesis Studio is open, but will not be the last. Later there will be a network that will extend to Europe, but there are no details of when it will come to that point. The latest information said that it will not come to our continent until 2020 due to the lack of mechanical diesel, which are the most demanded in the european market. In any case, the expansion of Genesis will be slow but interesting.

Genesis concesionario Corea del SurManfred Fitzgerald, director of Genesis, said that “this space, located in a very busy area, it will serve to introduce our brand and increase curiosity of the visitors that happen”. It will be a space free of stress, where the customer can feel comfortable while looking at vehicles. The licensee will be made in quality materials and transmit the beauty and the luxury that the brand carries by flag.

The first model that we can see exposed in the Genesis Studio, this is the Genesis G90 that was introduced last year and is the flagship of the brand. You can also see the berlin median Genesis G80 and soon we’ll be adding more models. The idea is that at the end of the decade, has up to six models , including a couple of SUV. The doors of the Genesis Studio in Seoul (South Korea) abirán this same Friday, September 9, .

Source – Genesis

Genesis concesionario Corea del Sur
Genesis concesionario Corea del Sur
Genesis concesionario Corea del Sur