Genesis will sell its cars in the dealers of Hyundai in the U.S.

Concesionario de Genesis

Dealer of Genesis in Gangnam, one of the 25 districts of Seoul (South Korea).

Genesis was created by Hyundai with a clear goal, to rival the all-powerful premium brands in germany. The well-known appellation used by the south Korean manufacturer in a berlina of high range has been used to create a new firm that already has several models in its range. For cope with companies of the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Audi or BMW, from the first moment, the highest leaders of Genesis made it clear that they would seek to provide an experience and totally different (and remote) to the one of the own Hyundai.

At the beginning of this year, said the young car brand would launch its own network of wholesalers that sell their products more exclusive and luxurious. However, after a few months the company seems to have changed his mind. How a new sales strategy? Erwin Raphael, Director-General of Genesis, has announced that the dealers of Hyundai in the united States will be able to sell the models of Genesis.

According to the publication that includes this information, approximately 350 dealers that Hyundai has in the united States may apply to become distributors of Genesis. Logically, dealers who choose to market the models of the signature premium required to sign a new contract with the company. Currently in the points of sales of Hyundai in the north american country it is possible to acquire the Genesis G80 and Genesis G90.

Concesionario de Genesis

All of the official dealer of Hyundai in the united States will be able to sell the cars Genesis.

As you might expect, the dealers of Hyundai are committed to sell the vehicles of Genesis must refurbish its facilities both in the area of exposure as in the workshop, and in the independent services that will be exclusive to the new premium brand. The dealers have received very positive the decision of Genesis with respect to the u.s. market.

According to a distributor of Genesis in the south of the united States, this measure will help dealers sell more cars and, therefore, strengthen the network of dealers of Hyundai in the entire u.s. territory: “When you have a nationwide distribution consumers will lose the fear to buy a Genesis and find themselves in a city in which you are not able to access to the official service. If goes well, will be something great. Help you sell more cars and increase profitability”.

The upcoming model of Genesis you will come to the united States will be the Genesis G70, recently unveiled in South Korea. The brand also has the intention of disembarking in Europe, although this will have to wait still quite some time.