Geneva 2016: Citroën E-Mehari styled by Courrèges, white-on-white


At the Geneva motor show 2016 we will have the Citroën E-Mehari double: in addition to the initial prototype, which has already met its first details some weeks ago, will be presented this Citroën E-Mehari styled by Courrèges. The brand of the double chevron you can not be accuse of a conservative, since this prototype assumes even more risk stylistic from the chromatic point of view.

Designed by Citroen in collaboration with the flagship firm of French fashion Courrèges, we are facing a profound reinterpretation of the Mehari’s original, manufactured between 1968 and 1988. Like that, this prototype is a small and versatile convertible off-road, and also adopts a body thermoformed plastic.

Courrèges has put his personal touch on the E-Mehari, with the white ominpresente on the practical totality of the prototype. Bodywork, bumper and even your tires: all dressed in white, giving it a style very pure. Only see a small hint of orange in their tires and alloy wheels, making the counterpoint.


We also have a inside more white than snow and strokes are simple, with leather upholstery, dashboard and even carpeting and rugs in the same color. The note of contrast comes from the steering wheel, with an outer ring of black and a touch of orange in its central part, which is also present on your dashboard.

finally, Courrèges, has designed a set of suitcases of leather specific to the trunk of the prototype, can you guess what color? This is the primary identity, the white, a prototype which, moreover, shares the technical base and design with the Citroën E-Mehari.

That is, the E-Mehari Courrèges it is a convertible electric four-seater with zero emissions and a maximum autonomy of 200 kilometers, thanks to their batteries of polymer of metallic lithium 30 kWh of capacity. Through a plug of 16A, these can be recharged in eight hours: a concept car simple and for pure enjoyment, with technology of the future.