Geneva 2016: Mansory and the road of excess for the Ferrari 488 GTB and Mercedes-AMG GT

Mansory has been present at the Geneva motor show 2016, with several of its preparations on different models. Among all of them, we are left with their Mercedes-AMG GT S and the Mansory 4XX Syracuse, based on the Ferrari 488 GTB, the most prominent being new absolute, and because in addition to not easily pass unnoticed, for good or for evil.

Mercedes-AMG GT S by Mansory


The Mercedes-AMG GT S is an excellent base for any preparation of high level, and on this occasion Mansory has been successful. Yes, as usual on the trainer in German, in this AMG GT the excess is very present in details such as its aerodynamic kit bodywork manufactured entirely in carbon fiber, with a brutal rear diffuser.

Mansory has built in the Mercedes-AMG GT S a front of a different appearance, thanks to the air inlets of larger size, a new grille with its large ‘M’ and a spoiler bottom. The front hood vented is made of carbon fiber, while its increased width of pathways (250 mm, additional axis) is completed with a few wheel arches more prominent and side skirts.


A large rear wing closes the rear of the sport, and the icing on the put your paint matte grey and alloy wheels of 21 inches ultra-lightweight and monotuerca. In the interior are new seats, carbon fiber trimmed by hand in leather, next to a loud decoration on moldings and trim with the red color very much present.

finally, your AMG V8 Biturbo 4.0-liter power from the 510 HP of series up to the 730 HP, through the turbocharger of a larger size, an electronic management specific and a sports exhaust made of stainless steel that allows better breathing to the engine. The result, a 0-100 km/h in 3.4 seconds and 330 km/h of maximum speed.

Mansory 4XX Syracuse, more than a Ferrari 488 GTB


The Mansory 4XX Syracuse wants to distance itself from the Ferrari 488 GTB source. It does so through a preparation very radical in the (aesthetic, inspired by a racing car. We are back with lots of carbon fibre, in the form of an aggressive aerodynamic kit-body.

On the outside it also appears the carbon in their air inlets for cooling, coupled to a double rear spoiler inspired by the Ferrari FXX K and vinyls on his body that are inspired by circuits. alloy wheels of 21 inches, a sport suspension that lowers the height by 20 millimeters additional, along with the rear diffuser and sports exhaust central, are the remaining changes

In the interior includes a leather trim to the liking of the customer -in this case in yellow and black, along with more carbon fibre on dashboard and center console. In the Mansory 4XX Syracuse, the V8 biturbo engine of 3.9 liters, yields nothing less than 790 CV to 8,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 870 Nm. In this case, there is no profound changes, beyond a new ECU: enough to cover the 0-100 km/h in 2,9 seconds, reaching even 341 km/h.