Geneva Motor Show 2015: my spoiler’ll recognize me. The 15 most spectacular spoilers Geneva

For my wing I’ll recognize . A statement that is true in many of the sports that were presented at this year’s Geneva . Sports for all tastes, conceptual and definitive in street circuit, and even competition. Its size does not always correspond with their status athletic career. There are sports street with ailerons disproportionate to its nature. But generally the premise that fast, the more powerful is the sports, the bigger your spoiler is met.

Spoiler XXL and only circuit. McLaren P1 GTR .

alerones-salon-de-ginebra-201510-1440px Vintage. McLaren F1 Long Tail.

alerones-salon-de-ginebra-201512-1440px British. Aston Martin Vantage GT3 .

alerones-salon-de-ginebra-201513 British and only circuit. Aston Martin Vulcan.

alerones-salon-de-ginebra-201501 spoilers that Swedes are made. Koenigsegg Agera RS.

koenigsegg-salon-de-ginebra-2015-mdm-05-1440px-1 Swedes who hide spoilers. Koenigsegg regera.

bugatti-veyron-la-finale-salon-de-ginebra-2015-mdm-02-1440px spoilers … speed record. Bugatti Veyron The Finale.

nissan-gt-r-lm-nismo-salon-de-ginebra-2015-08-1440px-1 spoilers who want to break records at Le Mans. Nissan GT-R NISMO LM .

alerones-salon-de-ginebra-201511-1440px Ailerons with “floating” rear axles. Ford GT.

alerones-salon-de-ginebra-201507 Italian spoilers. Lamborghini Aventador SV.

alerones-salon-de-ginebra-201506 Stuttgart fins. Porsche 911 GT3 RS .

alerones-salon-de-ginebra-201504 And more spoilers Stuttgart. This time of competition. Mercedes-AMG GT3 .

alerones-salon-de-ginebra-201502 Spoilers Vintage, dovetail style. RUF .

alerones-salon-de-ginebra-201503 Spoilers yesterday. Ford Sierra RS Cosworth.

alerones-salon-de-ginebra-201505 spoilers today. Honda Civic Type-R.

In short, spoilers.

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Salón de Ginebra 2015


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